Pronounced “Ray”

Photo by Nicole Miller

Photo by Nicole Miller

Back in school, Alexander Rea was a Computer Nerd, a Sci-Fi Comic Book Nerd, a Band Nerd, and an Art Nerd. He was the “Good With Computers Nerd” accessing the Internet and the early World Wide Web with 2400 baud modem, back before that nerd brand was associated with multi-billion dollar search websites or social networks.

Since the late 90’s, Alexander has been involved with the digital community. When the bubble burst, he worked as a musician as well as a bouncer, which shed some of that nerdy vibe and, unbeknownst to him, help program his team and people skills. After the bubble burst, he experienced every advertising or creative agency model, always trying to define “technologist” in a community that’s traditionally rooted in the classic tenants of art and copy. In this typical advertising ecosystem, he strives to make the digital experience part of the conversation from the start. What makes Alexander different from all your typical geeky archetypes, is that he thrives as a member of a client-facing team, in the front of the room, or on a stage. There he demystifies and explains complex technology executions in plain human-speak with real world application. All this with communication and relationship building at the heart of what he loves and does best.

Alexander considers himself a “digital craftsman” with painstaking attention to craft, accessibility, scalability, process and methods. He has helped lead efforts on brand experiences spanning from automotive to CPG, retail to hospitality. Alexander has created award-winning, scalable and innovative web platforms and products for brands such Marriott’s Renaissance Hotels, Lexus, Chrysler, Sony Music and more. During his most recent experience at Co: Collective, he worked with the team on creating technology experience innovations for brands, using the proprietary method called StoryDoing. Enabling brands such as Infiniti and Macy’s to tell their story through iconic action rather than strictly advertising.

He’s a foodie who loves to cook more than eat, a motorcyclist who likes to work on them more than ride and a freelance musician who prefers to be more reliable than rock star.

You can find out more about that stuff at his LinkedIn page. He’e been a teacher at Miami Ad School in Brooklyn, a regular guest speaker at the Zimmerman Advertising Program at The University of South Florida and invited to speak at SheSays , TEDx and PSFK events. He took his passion for theater even further to the operations a producer rather than than just the pit orchestra by co-producing Above The Belt.  A monthly aerial acrobat showcase that had it’s start at the famous Zipper Theater in Hell’s Kitchen. He’s also participated on the board for the critically acclaimed Prospect Theater Company.  He’d say he’s also an aspiring food personality and amateur urban NYC historian.

He’s married to the creative director Nicole Miller and they reside with their Brooklyn Badass rescue dog Charlie and ASPCA rescue cat Murphy, in the great metropolis that is New York City.

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“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”
Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web

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